Kingdom Games 2021
KIngdom Games | Fall 2021

Run | Bike | Swim | The Kingdom - Registrations are OPEN

Bean And Brew
12th Annual Bean & Brew

Enjoy locally roasted coffees and the region's finest craft beers with lawn games and live music.

NEKed Bridges
NEKed Bridges

Explore the Kingdom's history through engineering and architecture in the newest addition to the getNEKedVT Adventures

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Treat yourself or someone else with a little CowMoo.

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Welcome to a place where you can be you.

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Featured NEKed Places

It’s best to know a few waypoints and expert guides when exploring the Northeast Kingdom, and these places fit that bill. Check them out.


It’s not just nature’s noises you’ll enjoy. Turn up your ears and tune in to the sounds of the Northeast Kingdom. 


You don’t have to be all legs and lungs to experience all the beauty the Kingdom has to offer (though a healthy set of both will help with some of the steeper pursuits). Create your adventure right here.

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Experience the Kingdom with our NEKed Adventures, and share them with us to receive prizes.

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Enjoy these stories from the Kingdom along with area updates and fun ways to stay connected.

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