Keeping it NEKed.

We’re in a scary and weird time right now, a time when we’re being asked to act counter to our nature. Especially to the giving nature of those who call Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom home. It’s a spirit that we all share that asks that we care for the health and well-being of our neighbors. And especially for those neighbors and community members who might have a tough time caring for themselves. It is still possible to keep that spirit going within the temporary strictures we’ve been asked to currently live by.

Reach out to those in need.

Please, drop a line to someone you know who might have trouble getting out of their house, for whatever reason. Ask the person who answers if they need anything. And if they do, and you have it in your power and resources to safely get what they need, do it.

We do need to maintain connection to each other during this time because it is connection that sustains us. Hugs and handshakes are off the table for now. But the sharing of stories is not. We’ll be doing our best to share out the stories of folks who are finding “innovative” ways to navigate this time in our history. If you’re looking to stay connected, sign up for the getNEKedVT newsletter. As for the getNEKedVT Adventures, well…we’re hitting the pause button for now. At least on the ones that require travel. But stay tuned for what could be our most historic Adventure yet: the NEKed Covered Bridge Adventure.

Kayaking in open water

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