Keeping it NEKed.

In Vermont’s NorthEast Kingdom, it’s not necessarily about stripping down, but stripping away the surround sound of everyday life and listening to that whisper between your ears that’s telling you there’s something more. It’s here.

The “Kingdom”, as it’s known, exists in the indescribable: a part of Vermont tucked up against the Canadian border that can appear a bit contradictory. In a few ways. Seemingly remote, yet easily accessible. A land whose only offerings, at first glance, are views that steal your breath. But one that has everything you truly need. The place to go when you want to be gone….and find what you’ve always been looking for.

Spend a minute or two meandering through getNEKedVT to see what we mean. Checkout the NEKed Adventures if you’re looking for a road map, of a sort. Or NEKed Events if want to plan a weekend around something. Just know that weekends in the Kingdom have been known to turn into lifetimes.


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