4th of July Weekend in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom

What’s not to love about the 4th of July? Wearing your favorite Americana t-shirt, blasting classic rock tunes, and gathering in town to watch the parade before heading off to an afternoon barbeque. Finishing the night with s’mores, sparklers, and awaiting a grand fireworks display. Here in the Northeast Kingdom, there are many ways to …

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Brave the brain freeze and embark on a NEKed Ice Cream Adventure this summer!

There’s no shortage of scoops in the NEK! From the famous Maple Creemees at April’s Maple in Canaan to Tim & Doug’s “bang for your buck” sundaes in Newport, sweet treats can be found all throughout the Kingdom. Wondering just where to get your licks in this summer? Here’s a selection of ice cream stops …

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St Johnsbury Sparkles

NEKed Light

Been getting sleepy earlier than usual? It might have something to do with the sun hitting its lowest points of the year right now. If you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to miss seeing it altogether. But, with the holidays upon us, there are other sources of light. And plenty of them in one corner …

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Foliage Jay Peak

A Recipe For Perfection

A HANDFUL OF PEOPLE. A DASH OF PLACE. MIX. It’s a simple recipe: Mix People with Place. Bake as desired. Get Experience. But as simple as it seems, varying the concentrations of those three elements will bring varied results to the desired end.  In the case of the Kingdom, you already have the perfect blend …

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Jay Peak Summit Sunset

Active Adventures Await

ARE YOU READY? It’s fair (if not an understatement) to say that Vermont’s an active state. Yes, it is true that there are those who prefer to paint the mountains and stroll along the streams; their ruminations turned into works that hang in places like Greensboro’s Highland Center for the Arts, or in between pages …

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Mountain Range Sunset


Wandering is in our DNA. Wandering is in our DNA. “Back in the day,” a few thousand years ago or so, it’s how we found things. Food. Friendship. Love. Today? Well, today you can find all of those things from whatever device you’re reading these words on.  There are a few things though that will …

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Cow Close

Get Close. Get NEKed.

We’ve been living with an odd sense of space the last 400+ days. Six feet of it became the minimum to see friends and loved ones.  And then it had to be outside.  And then not with anyone outside your own household let alone having someone visit from out of state.  Hugs and handshakes became …

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NEKed Bridges Adventure

NEKed Bridges

UNCOVER THE COVERED TREASURES OF THE NORTHEAST KINGDOM It’s fun to travel back in time. Movies are the easiest way. With the push of a button, you can fly back as far as any Discovery Channel show will take you. Books can do it, too, but there is more imagination required. But if you really …

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Arts Without Walls

Getting creative while staying distant Art builds community. Especially in the Northeast Kingdom, where creativity is central to so much of what happens. Our shared experience, expressed in music, poetry, dance, paint, or other forms helps us recognize common themes and celebrate what unites us.  Dancing to music on the shore of Island Pond. Joining …

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