Falling NEKed

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Fall Seasoning

Peak is here Kingdom lovers. And we’d love for you to see it. Enjoy fall’s fire with this fun seasonal mixer of an adventure.

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How to play.

For a total of THREE stops, pick any one destination from the NEKed Culture and Arts, Naturally NEKed, or NEKed Bridges Adventures and the (in)famous CowMoo T-shirt will be yours. Make a stop along any one of the Drink Beer NEKed Adventure, and we’ll throw in a sticker pack. 

Gifts you might get.

Stickers, pins and some sweet getNEKedVT t-shirts are all for the having if you’re planning on taking an adventure of the Kingdom. Head over to the NEKed Adventures page to see how you can get some free getNEKedVT merchandise sent to you

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getNEKed VT CowMoose Stickers

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getNEKed VT CowMoose Tee in Green

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Experience the Kingdom with our NEKed Adventures, and share them with us to receive prizes.

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