Get Close. Get NEKed.

We've been living with an odd sense of space the last 400+ days.

Six feet of it became the minimum to see friends and loved ones.  And then it had to be outside.  And then not with anyone outside your own household let alone having someone visit from out of state.  Hugs and handshakes became anathema.  Masks hid smiles of welcome and warmth.  Connection and closeness was lost.

Until now.

Vermont has re-opened and the getNEKedVT Adventures are back.  For those still wanting their fair share of space, the NEK has plenty of it and Adventures like Actively NEKed and Naturally NEKed are two of the best ways to get outside and experience the Kingdom’s vastness.  If you’re looking for more of a kicked back way to get out and about, the new NEKed Bridges Adventure will take you to towns you’ve never heard of and swing you past some of the tasty spots on the NEKed Ice Cream Adventure.  And for those wanting to see smiles and grins up close, the Drink Beer NEKed and Tuned In NEKed Adventures will deliver ear to ear. 

So get out and get NEKed.  The Kingdom awaits.  

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