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Live At The Barrage: Glorious Leader – Greaseface

June 19th

The Barrage is back baby.

Come out for the opening show of the Summer 2021 season at The Barrage. The introspective resonance of Glorious Leader and explosive energy of Greaseface will be a welcome return to live music.

Glorious Leader brings his indie-folk stylings back to The Barrage after the creation of the album ‘Glorious Leader & The Analog Cabin Mystery’. With our Glorious Leader taking the musical helm, listeners are transported through the musical environments that ease and expand the mind.
Greaseface has been rocking northern Vermont for the past four years with their raucous garage rock. The 3-piece recently released ‘Chrometophobia’ a powerful record of rock experimentation and grungy riffs that will satisfy everyone’s cravings for loud rock.

Since we’re not all the way out of the woods yet, The Barrage asks all attendees to be mindful of safety and respectability. Please have a mask handy and exercise cooperation and caution.

Date: June 19th
– Doors : 6:00
– Music : 7ish
– Done : 9ish
– Tickets – $10 Cash or Venmo
– B.Y.O.Be Responsible
– All ages & all stars and stripes
– Follow the signs saying “rock and roll” near Stearns Brook Road in beautiful Holland, Vermont, the last exit in America

Business Hours

Saturday, June 19
6:00pm - 9:00pm

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