What are the getNEKedVT adventures?

They are self-guided event and activity adventures that make it easy for you to find the best the NEK has to offer. As we’re in a bit of a wobbly time right now, we’ve hit the PAUSE button on some of them. But as others allow for plenty of social distancing, we’re again inviting you to check them out.

As of now (post-Fourth of July,) the Drink Beer NEKed, Naturally NEKed, NEKed Ice Cream, and NEKed Culture and Arts Adventures are back. More will return. But if you’re looking to get out of the house now and explore a part of Vermont that offers plenty of distance, click on the Adventures below. ONE NOTE: Please call ahead or check the business’s Social pages for current hours. 

The free t-shirts are back.

The primary point of getNEKedVT.com is to help you create excellent experiences in the NEK.

But our mascot looks pretty good on stickers and t-shirts too, so here’s how you might win some SHWAG:

  1. See Below for the Current Adventures Available. Check out its page and read the 40 words or so that tell you how you can get stickers and a t-shirt.
  2. Take a selfie at each Adventure’s location. Visit a few locations to get some goodies. Make sure we can see where you are. (And don’t be in a crowd.)
  3. Explore the NEK. Take pics. Repeat. Visit the required number of stops on your adventure of choice (pro tip: some stops count towards multiple adventures). Snap those selfies.
  4. Share your experiences. Once you’ve finished your adventure(s), head to the Adventure Submission page at getNEKedVT.com and upload those pics (remember it takes at least 2 stops to qualify for prizes, so don’t send just one).
  5. Collect prizes. Once your adventure submission is complete, we’ll send you the stickers, t-shirts or other prizes that you earned.

Remember, adventure about safely. It’s summer and it’s time to be outside. And we want you to discover all that makes the Northeast Kingdom unique. But please do so responsibly and respectfully. (And call ahead to make sure where you’re going is open.)