Actively NEKed

Actively NEKed Badge

Definitely has an athletic ring to it, right?

Winter has come to the Northeast Kingdom and with it, a host of snowy adventures. We’re updating the Actively NEKed winter adventures as we speak, so stay tuned….

Being Actively NEKed has its perks. Sure, there’s the health and vitality that comes along with completing just one of the below. But there are also some views to be had and some what-did-I-just-do gasps to be exhaled.

All photo submissions become the non-exclusive property of (non-exclusive means you still own them as well. We just get to use them too.) and may be used throughout and in current and future marketing campaigns related to

Here are the rules of the road and some gifts you might get:

It’s simple: do any four of these and we’ll send you a getNEKedVT sticker pack and getNEKedVT t-shirt.

How we'll know you did it?

Just show us. Take a photo of you being Actively NEKed and make sure it’s clear where you are/what you’re doing. Send the photos our way by clicking here and we’ll get you your prize(s) and proper adulation.