Falling NEKed

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Fall for the season, stay for the festivities.

Fall in the Northeast Kingdom is nothing short of spectacular. Autumn hues and harvest views cover the land, while cooler temps and shorter days call for longer sleeves to stretch the fun until the snow flies.

Falling NEKed features some of our favorite autumn adventures, whether it’s finding that perfect shade of red leaf while peeping the changing trees, finally finding your way out of that corn maze, enjoying pumpkin and apple cider-filled flavors or just carving out some time to reconnect with nature.

All photo submissions become the non-exclusive property of getNEKedVT.com (non-exclusive means you still own them as well. We just get to use them too.) and may be used throughout getNEKedVT.com and in current and future marketing campaigns related to getNEKedVT.com

Here are the rules of the road and some gifts you might get:

Complete two of these and we’ll send you a getNEKedVT sticker pack. Finish four of them, and we’ll send you the full package of getNEKedVT stickers and the famous cow-moose T-shirt.

How we'll know you've completed our autumnal activities?

Show us your fall colors. Take a photo of yourself and/or crew while out on the various adventures listed below, including our NEK fall festivals, corn mazes, athletic events, and more. Submit your full set of photos by clicking here, and we’ll send out your prize(s) packed with freshly fallen leaves for good measure.