Tune in NEKed

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NEKed winter music to keep you warm.

Put your ears on and leave your antlers at the door.

Welcome to our winter playlist.

All photo submissions become the non-exclusive property of getNEKedVT.com (non-exclusive means you still own them as well. We just get to use them too.) and may be used throughout getNEKedVT.com and in current and future marketing campaigns related to getNEKedVT.com

With all of that...here’s one of the more enjoyable tours:

Attend a performance at four of the below venues, and get yourself a getNEKedVT sticker packet and t-shirt. It can be four apres-ski shows at Jay Peak, or four individual concerts around the Kingdom. We just want to see your love of music.

How we'll know you've been Tuned-in NEKed:

Selfies, of course. Submit photos of you at the various venues enjoying the variety of tunes along with the night’s program and we’ll get you the gifts you so rightly deserve. Make sense? Now go and enjoy.