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Professionally NEKed

Checking in with the Northeast Kingdom’s Young Professionals Network A riddle: How do you make one of Vermont’s largest and most “remote” areas appealing to a young professional? Throw in the fact that Vermont, like...

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Arts Without Walls

Getting creative while staying distant Art builds community. Especially in the Northeast Kingdom, where creativity is central to so much of what happens. Our shared experience, expressed in music, poetry, dance, paint, or other forms...

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NEKed Cocktails

A series of local elixirs from our master mixologists

Episode 1 | St. Johnsbury Distillery

Saint Johnsbury, VT

Episode 2 | Essex House & Tavern

Island Pond, VT

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Being NEKed

What it means to be NEKed now It’s fair to say that we know storms. We live and play in the mountains. They’re a staple dish up here that we actually crave, depending on the...

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Meet John Predom

Meet the NEK’s Super Snow Spirograph: the Story of John Predom’s Snowshoe Art How do you turn a frosty day into a glorious creation?  In Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, snow is part of the winter air...

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