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Keeping it NEKed.

It’s a weird and wobbly time right now, a time when we’re being asked to act counter to our nature. Especially to the giving nature of those who call Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom home. The hugs and handshakes we tpically share with friends and neighbors have been replaced with awkward “air bumps” and masks that hide our smiles. But we’ve learned a few things since the world went cockeyed in March; namely, we can play safely outside and if we’re smart, even hang out with one another inside. And while “smart” can sometimes be a moving target for us, the one thing we know for sure is we’ve got plenty of outside up in the Kingdom.

We do need to maintain connection to each other during this time because it is connection that sustains us. And we have plenty of ways to do that here. If you’re looking for safe and fun ways to explore the NEK, checkout the getNEKedVT Adventures. If you’re looking to stay connected to us, sign up for the getNEKedVT newsletter and see what we’ve been up to over the last six months or so. (Not that we’re keeping track or anything.)

There’s still plenty of summer left. Come on up and play.

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